Why Beth Rivkah DHL?

What Makes Beth Rivkah Division of Higher Learning Unique?


Our goal at Beth Rivkah DHL is to empower our students with the knowledge, inspiration and skills to fulfill their unique roles as N’shei Chabad in this last generation of Galus and first generation of Geulah. A student graduating from Beth Rivkah DHL will be conscious of her privilege to be a Chassid of the Rebbe and her responsibility to be a role model for those around her. As an Akeres Habayis, Shlucha and teacher, she will utilize her personal talents and capabilities to make a difference and bring the Geulah.


Beth Rivkah DHL provides its students with a challenging, comprehensive learning experience in a supportive Chassidishe environment. The curriculum offers many stimulating classes in Tanach, Halacha, and Chassidus, with a focus on application to one’s daily life. The Advanced Teacher Training Program guides students to be master teachers through high-level education courses and student teaching.

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Chassidishe Atmosphere

Complementing the academic challenge, the experience of living in the Rebbe’s Shchuna is a unique one, filled with Chassidishe inspiration and opportunities for community involvement and Hashpoah. Weekly Farbrengens with noted Mashpi’im and guest speakers, Shabbos meals, Shabbatons and special in-school programs for Yomei D’pagra help students remain immersed in Chassidhkeit as they begin assuming additional life responsibilities. Bnos Chabad, Beth Rivkah Production, the Inter-School Convention and other volunteer opportunities allow students to channel their learning and inspiration into Ma’aseh B’poel and to make a difference.

Living with Geulah

We are taught that ”בזכות נשים צדקניות נגאלו אבותינו ממצרים“. Women and girls play a vital role in bringing the Geulah. At Beth Rivkah DHL, much emphasis is placed on this goal. Through classes in Inyanei Geulah U’Moshiach, workshops and Farbrengens, students are inspired to make the Rebbe’s vision a reality in their lives.