Tanach תנ”ך


An in-depth study of selected topics and events in Chumash, culled from a variety of sources


A comprehensive analysis of themes and events in נביאים ראשונים. Class includes lectures by teachers and students

פרשת השבוע

A comprehensive examination of select themes in the weekly Parsha

נשים בתורה

A thorough analysis of the lives, roles and contributions of famous women in Torah

שיר השירים

An exploration of the deeper meaning behind the words of Shlomo Hamelech’s holy work

Psychology Through Parsha

Exploring lessons in self-awareness, relation- ships and personal growth gleaned from the weekly Parsha

Tanach Independent Study Project

A comprehensive research project exploring the background, themes and lessons of a Sefer of Neviim or Ksuvim, with instruction and guidance in proper research and writing.