Shana Beis

With students returning from various post high school programs the world over, DHL’s Shana Beis program is unlike any other. Shana Bais presents a unique opportunity for students to remain immersed in Chassidishkeit as they begin assuming additional life responsibilities. Students in Shana Beis coordinate and benefit from bi-monthly Farbrengens, several Shabbos meals and Shabbatons and special in-school programs for Yomei D’pagra. Bnos Chabad, Beth Rivkah Production, the Inter-School Convention and other volunteer opportunities allow students to channel their learning and inspiration into Ma’aseh B’poel and to make a difference.

In addition to all this, DHL offers its accredited and highly skilled Teacher’s Training Program to girls in Shana Beis only. For more information on the Teacher’s Training Program along with the Judaic Studies program and night classes, click here.

View a sample Shana Beis schedule here.

Beth Rivkah DHL plays host to young women from all around the world. For more information on Out-of-Towner life, click here.