1. New!

    We are now offering a THIRD YEAR PROGRAM! Click here to apply
  2. Purim Shaloch Manos

    We are pleased to announce that one again we are offering a pleasant way of 'Giving Shaloch Manos". Our attractive Shaloch Manos cards are available at the Seminary office at Beth Rivkah Schools at 310 Crown St or on the phone, 718-735-0400 x 1128. The...
  3. Candle Lighting Time

    Candle Lighting times are now available on our site! You can access it through the Student menu, or click HERE to see start and end times for Shabbos.  

Job Opportunities

  1. Oholei Torah Preschool

    Join Oholei Torah Preschool - Seeking Assistant from 2:00-3:00 PM Monday-Thursday Call Faigy Winner 347 406 4551
  2. Hebrew School

    Looking for a fun and capable teacher to teach a 6-7 grade in our Hebrew School. One hour from Crown Heights. Must drive...