Educational Mission

The goal of the Division of Higher Learning is to offer qualified enrollees superior teacher-training programs within the framework of a well-rounded, high caliber Judaic educational experience. Its raison d’etre is to provide quality Jewish education to every student who wishes to pursue a teaching career and who can demonstrate qualification and a desire to learn.

Based on a commitment to make Jewish education available and accessible to Jewish students everywhere, and a recognition of the inalienable right of every Jewish child to a Jewish education, DHL has assumed a leadership role in guaranteeing this right to Jewish girls, regardless of background or birthplace. Through training qualified teachers, DHL’s professed goal is to cultivate generations of Jewish women who are both well-versed in their culture and heritage and dedicated to preserving and promoting these assets within their communities and institutions.

Emerging as a leading educational center, the Division of Higher Learning offers young women an opportunity to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of intensive postsecondary Judaic courses for periods ranging from two to four semesters, in preparation for a teaching career. In accordance with time-honored Jewish advocacy of knowledge-sharing as both a privilege and an obligation, DHL students are taught to develop teaching skills and are trained in methods of communicating the information which they gain at DHL to other populations.