Fundamentals שונות

Wisdom from Sinai (a JLI course)

A popular course on the הדברות עשרת focusing on “Why these 10?” Learn how to present fundamental principles of Yiddishkeit to others

תולדות עמנו—ארץ ישראל

An in-depth study of Jewish life, historical events and the Mesorah in Eretz Yisroel. From Avraham Avinu to Zionism, a historical perspective to Shleimus Haaretz, Shleimus Ha’am and Shleimus Hatorah.

דע מה שתשיב

An informative forum addressing common questions raised on Shlichus, and presenting innovative approaches to answering them

עניני דיומא

An in-depth examination of the Jewish calendar in Chassidic thought


A course examining fundamental topics as they are discussed in Tanach, Midrashim, Halacha and Chassidus

Shlichus Training

A series on Shlichus by guest lecturers offering information, resources and experience in various Shlichus-related responsibilities

Leadership Training

A series by guest lecturers focusing on various aspects of leadership, empowering students in their interactions with youth groups of all types

Computer Graphics

A comprehensive course in computer graphics, guiding the beginner toward preparation of professional presentations in Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher. Focus will be placed on presentations and documents necessary for Shlichus work


A comprehensive course in the art of wig styling, training the beginner to wash and set wigs on her own

Public Speaking

An introduction to the elements of effective public speaking with hands-on practice in acquiring the skill. Learn how to present fundamental principles of Yiddishkeit to others

Culinary Arts

A comprehensive course in cooking, focusing on the Shabbos meal, from basics to gourmet