Information Regarding I-20 Student Visa

A student who is not a US citizen and does not have a “Green Card” should be aware that the Division of Higher Learning does not admit a student entering the United States on a tourist visa.

Student should apply to the school to receive an I-20 Visa. The application should be made well in advance of the student’s contemplated departure to the United States.
The student should observe the following procedures:
  • Complete and sign a Division of Higher Learning Admission Application.
  • Provide copies of High School transcript and diploma, immunization record and letters of recommendation.
  • After the Dean has reviewed the application, a personal interview with the Dean must be arranged.  At the Dean’s discretion phone interviews may be substituted for students who are unable to appear in person.
  • After the student has been accepted, the following items should be submitted:
  • Full tuition obligation
  • Copy of student’s passport
  • “Letter of Support” indicating the name of the person who will be financially responsible for the student while she is attending Associated Beth Rivkah Schools, Division of Higher Learning
  • “SEVIS STUDENT REPORTING REQUIREMENTS” letter signed by student and parent. Please click HERE to download the form
Once we receive all of the above, we will issue the I-20.
  If the student has been accepted and needs the I-20 immediately, all the necessary documents should be emailed to and full tuition (US funds) obligation plus the applicable FedEx fee must be paid by credit card. The I-20 will then be sent by express FedEx at your expense.  
Upon arrival in the United States, the student must submit a copy of her I-20, stamped by the INS, to the Division of Higher Learning SEVIS DSO (Designated School Official), Mrs. Sheindel Akselrod.
For assistance or additional information you may contact Mrs. Yocheved Baitelman or Mrs. Zisel Gurewitz at (718) 735-0400 ext. 1120 or 1121, or by e-mail at