לשון התורה

A comprehensive exploration of Dikduk as used in the Torah, focusing on keys to learning and teaching Tanach properly

קריאה נכונה

An intensive review of the principles of proper Kriah, focusing on acquisition of skills and the methodology of teaching them

Tanach Methodology

An in-depth exploration of techniques and skills central to Tanach study, instruction and research

Teaching Talmud Torah

A workshop exploring the goals, challenges and opportunities in teaching Hebrew School

Early Childhood Education

Exploring the multiple factors of an early childhood classroom according to the teachings of Torah and Chassidus. Course includes both academic and social development of children

Introduction to Psychology

A foundational yet comprehensive course in understanding human psychology and identifying psychological disorders

Child Development

A comprehensive course in understanding child development and behavior from early childhood through adolescence

Active Learning

An introduction to educational methodology In this course, the fundamentals of classroom pedagogy will be explored as well as demonstrated

Principles of Methodology

Teaching future teachers the fundametals of lesson planning, understanding chidren’s needs, effective classroom management and home-school communication

Seminars in Education

An informative series presented by visiting lecturers targeting the prevalent challenges in contemporary education

Survey of Exceptional Children

An introduction to special education, exploring the various disabilities and disorders that may present in a classroom, with a focus on identification, behavior management and intervention


An exploration of the principles and techniques essential to one-on-one instruction