Dress Code

כל כבודה בת מלך פנימה – במחשבה דיבור ומעשה

In school and out of school

Beth Rivkah students are required to dress according to Halacha, and to adhere to the school dress code regardless of personal taste or interpretations.

School Dress Code

  • Conservative and dignified fashions
  • Professional attire is recommended
  • No denim or open-backed shoes
  • No short / bobby / slouch socks – even under long skirts
  • No excessive makeup or dark nail polish

על פי הלכה

  • Necklines and collar bones should be covered all around.
  • Length of skirts should cover the knee at all times.
  • Sleeves should cover the elbow in all circumstances.
  • No sheer, tight-fitted, or revealing clothing permitted.
  • No slits – even below the knee.

Beth Rivkah has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy towards non-compliance with the dress code.

Please click HERE to see the Rav’s lettering concerning this topic (PDF).