Co-Curricular Activities

. . . אנא ידידנו אנ”ש ותלמידי התמימים, חוסו על נפשותיכם ונפשות ביתכם ובני ביתכם ועשו אתי חסד כפול ומשולש להיות באהבה ואחוה ביניכם, וכל אחד ואחד יתענין בטובתו של חבירו וביתו, בגשם וברוח, ואיש את רעהו יעזור בגשמיות וברוחניות.

A student in Beth Rivkah DHL is expected not only to be a Mekabel, but also a Mashpiah to others. As such, each student will be encouraged to take at least one leadership role in each of the following areas:

 Major Beth Rivkah events

  • Beth Rivkah Production or
  • Convention of Lubavitch High Schools

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  • Bnos Chabad (High School) or
  • Mentorship Program (Junior High)
  • Winter Camps


DHL Aleph

Each student will be asked to join a committee that will help plan DHL programs for one month.

DHL Bais

Each student will be asked to join one of the following committees:
  • A program for a Yoma D’pagra or
  • Farbrengens  or
  • Mivtzoim  or
  • Shabbatons

Community Service (DHL Aleph Requirement)

  • Tutoring (Elementary School) or
  • Chavrusa – Machon Chana or
  • Released Time