Application Requirements

Application Requirements 2018/2019
  • Application for Admission. Please use your full legal name as it appears on your Social Security card   (foreign students use name on Passport)
  • Include a copy of your Social Security card and passport
  • Your signature on all forms should be your legal first and last name in script
  • Student Applicant Questionnaire
  • A photo from the past year.
  • Copy of your high school transcript and diploma
  • Copy of transcripts from all postsecondary schools you attended
  • 2 Letters of recommendation from your principal and Rabbi, to be sent directly to our office
  • Personal Interview with the Dean after application is submitted. Please call for an appointment or email

Original Forms should be mailed with application fee to:

Mrs. Chana Gorowitz, Dean
ABRS, Division of Higher Learning
310 Crown Street
Brooklyn, NY 11225-3004

Fax copies or scans from a phone are not acceptable. Scans must be clear and legible.

FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS ONLY: Please see Information Regarding I-20 Student Visa

Students entering the U. S. on tourist visas will NOT be admitted.
Application Fee $100: non-refundable
TUITION COSTS: 2017-18 / 5778
(Does not include room and board)
DHL I (sem aleph)

Student Activity Fee                                                  $500
Tuition                                                               $8000
Maalot Credit option                                                  $550

DHL 2 (sem bais)

Student Activity Fee                                                  $300
Tuition                                                             $7500
Intensive Teacher Training Early Childhood option                    $1400
Intensive Teacher Training Elementary option                         $1900
Maalot Credit option                                                  $550

For additional information:
Please contact Mrs. Yocheved Baitelman 718 735-0400 x1120 or Mrs. Zisel Gurevitz at 718 735-0400 x1121
or email