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The Division of Higher Learning of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools has earned a reputation as an outstanding teacher training institution, fostering intellectual growth, personal maturity, social awareness, Jewish identity, and civic leadership.


Courses at Beth Rivkah DHL are accredited by AIJS, Association of Institutions of Jewish Studies.
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  1. Purim Shaloch Manos

    We are pleased to announce that one again we are offering a pleasant way of 'Giving Shaloch Manos". Our attractive Shaloch Manos cards...
  2. Candle Lighting Time

    Candle Lighting times are now available on our site! You can access it through the Student menu, or click HERE to see start and...

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The friendships and mentorships formed during the student's study at Beth Rivkah are foundations for one's entire future.- The Lubavitcher Rebbe
The greatest benefit, however, of being a Beth Rivkah student, is the wonderful opportunity of “being by the Rebbe”. Living and studying in Beth Rivkah is a commitment to “being by the Rebbe” — a hiskashrus that transcends time and place, for it is the connection of essence. Being located in the Rebbe’s Shchuna, which merits its very own special brochos, enhances the opportunity. The Rebbe continually teaches us to be demanding of ourselves, to strive higher, to refine, to elevate, and to do so in a pnimiusdike manner. The Rebbe’s guidance, care and special attention continue. Take advantage of the challenge!
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